The platform to create and share digital business cards

When it comes to digital businesses, a chat is the way to meet up with clients, and every contact means a chance to grow. However, you really don’t get the chance to hand out a perfectly-cut business card. Your social media profiles are the best options a client can have to know you in depth; but now, you can keep all your info in one place, and send it out like a card!

HotBubble’s EasyCards is the app where you can create digital visiting cards, whether it’s one to promote yourself or to get the word out about your team. Just add all your contact information over the template and you’re set! Share it with everyone, you never know the opportunities you might find. It’s simple to use and marvelous to send.

The platform to create and share digital business cards

Have a glace at our Interactive Digital vCard Features.

Click To WhatsApp

Message on WhatsApp, so you can skip saving it to contacts

Click to Call

Make a direct call, no more hard times to remember and dial numbers.

Click to Message

SMS with a tap, just hit the button and start typing your message.

Add to Contacts

Add to contacts, by only tapping the “Save” button.

Instant e-mail

Instant e-mail, straight to inbox with no typos.

Share With vCard

Share with everyone, on the best-known social platforms.

How it works

To create gorgeous digital business cards in less than a minute

Sign up

Download the EasyCards app, and create your free account.

Create your card

Add everything you want on it: Video, custom colors, social media handles, your website(s) URL… You’re free to make it unique.

Share your card

Send and share your digital business card, no need to have the app.