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You have the boat, the sails, and the map. You know where you want to go after, and there’s a deep ocean ahead from you, the scene where your adventure to success will begin. But what if you can go beyond what you know, and gain even more from it?

If you’re centered on helping and supplying small and medium enterprises (SME), let HotBubble into your ship and we’ll boost you into further seas. With our Partnership program, we join forces to improve your business model as you can promote, offer and sell our variety of apps and services to your clients, Acquiring so extra incomes as you go.

HotBubble stands out because we deliver useful, sleek apps which are precisely crafted for SME to plan, perform, and analyze their growth. Products like EasyCards (digital visiting cards creator), Lakshbhed (CRM software for real estate), and Bubble Feedback (Customer Happiness Index metric) allow brands to manage their operations and their relationships with customers, This only assures you that you’ll be offering innovative, easy-to-use tools that truly help everyone. We also give Website Management and SEO services, which translates in more advantages for you and the businesses you work with.

So, are you ready for a collaboration that will truly accelerate your (cash)flow? Get in touch with us to know more about HotBubble’s Partnership alliances.

Our program offers a wealth of benefits

Profitable financial incentives, marketing funds, and rebates.

Access to world-class solutions, sales tools, and demand generation programs.

A comprehensive training program to develop your sales, technical, and marketing skills.

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