The CRM that gets straight to the target.

On the Real Estate fields, there’s a skill which always gets you out of the woods and right into sales: A perfect, balanced management on customer relationships. The connection you obtain and maintain with your clients is crucial to win a property, as they have to be sure you understand their wishes and requirements, besides keeping them updated on any status change. And with fierce competition rising up with every request, there’s a need to be a step ahead on every stage, from consideration to conversion.

This is when Lakshbhed steps in, ready to shoot all the arrows into the center.

At HotBubble, we know how important it is to be thorough into every aspect of Real Estate, and Lakshbhed was created as the tool to arrange and act in all of them. Our CRM software eases up the process flow between you and your clients, as you can customize it along your specific structure and objectives; letting you run smoothly through sales without missing any potential ones.


  • Lakshbhed collects and presents you leads from all your engagement sources.
  • Automatically alerts and reminds you about new requests, queries & feedback
  • Chat with your lead right away! And keep it all stored in our cloud.
  • Identify potential leads and keep an eye on them, through our built-in lead scoring and pipeline.
  • Detailed analytics and reports of your pre-sales area.

Your clients will enjoy a complete experience from you in all the sale’s stages, and you’ll be able to keep and optimize your business plan. Let Lakshbhed into your Real Estate, this secret weapon gets all your shots hitting on the target.*