CEO, HotBubble Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Pratik Thorat is the CEO, principal director and mind behind HotBubble. A Computer Science Engineer by profession, a web developer-designer by passion and a certified marketing expert, Pratik started as a blogger with Update Yourself, a record of his digital discoveries. In 2011, he went on to be the creator of Thorat Tech, the marketing agency that provided complete, online solutions to enterprises and personal brands.

A game-changer and visionary, Pratik wanted to immerse in new waters and make a massive splash on a fun area: App development. HotBubble, founded in 2020, comes as the result of his learnings and experiences, with a brand-new dream: To inspire and to encourage self-expression.

Swati Gosavi

Director - Marketing

Swati Gosavi is a Director at HotBubble, besides taking charge as our PR and Business Promotions executive. Graduated in Computer Science Engineering, she found her inspiration and delight by becoming a Content Creator; contributing so on media & content creation for various platforms under the last 4 years. A creativity and self-expression enthusiast, she commits herself to craft products that serve as tools for people to show their essence.