Managed Website Service

In this era, owning a website isn’t just a nice detail to have, it has become a requirement for most brands as it’s the perfect showcase for their work, their people, and their purpose. The possibilities to attract, gain and meet your audience are just a click away, however, keeping a website active and thriving can be challenging without help, because many areas need to run smoothly and be constantly updated.


Website Design

Reliable web hosting & emails: Keep your website hosted on the cloud (AWS), with branded email accounts for your team.


Reliable Web Hosting
& Emails

Constant maintenance & upgrades, at no cost: Ask for unlimited changes, we’ll always be working on your website to keep it fresh.


Ongoing Maintenance & Upgrades

Innovative, professional website design: Your page is our canvas, so you’ll receive art through a website that’s truly authentic to your brand: personalized, modern and responsive.

HotBubble knows the importance of a dreamful design, a smart development and an error-free hosting; so we work and deliver it all to you. What can become an endless search for different agencies and providers ends here, as you find what you need in only one place: Inside our bubble

Look at the usual costs you will pay for this kind of a service...

Professional Website Design ₹ 20,000
In-house or outsourced webmaster ₹ 8000 /month onwards
Reliable cloud web hosting ₹ 1000 /month onwards
Only at ₹ 1500 / month Get Started

Choice of Template Design

Customized Design: Just choose the template you love the most, we’ll make all the changes so it can blend in with your brand’s visual identity.

On-demand Content and Blog management

Updated Content & Blog Management: Your website will always stay afloat with our web content management, as we make sure it’s up to date and well-ranked within the search engines.

Graphics/Banner Creation

Graphics & Banner Creation: The form is just as important as the message, and what could be better than making a splash of an announcement? HotBubble’s in-house designers come by your side, to create or edit graphics for promotions or updates.

Web Code Error Correction

Fixing of Web Code Errors: A sure bet to receive ROI will always be a website free of errors, as it runs smoothly, provides a pleasing user experience and prevents you from suffering bounces or abandons by your audience.

Web Hosting with branded emails

Complete Web Hosting with Branded Emails: HotBubble gives you an available web hosting, which includes personalized email service for your brand.

Backup & Restoration

Backup & Restoration: If an emergency comes up, you’re safe at our boat. HotBubble’s backup servers can easily relaunch a website that’s taken down by internet hackers, or by other malicious security breaches. Your data will be safe, and so will be your company.

Hacked/Attacked Website Assistance

Hacked or Attacked Website Assistance: Our team is willing to help you out and quick to locate problems, so your business will keep performing the way your audience expects to.

Plugin/Code Updates:

Plugin & Code Updates: HotBubble’s programmers and developers fix bugs and coding issues on your website, or add new codes and plugins if they’re a must.

Strategy/Improvement Advice

Strategy & Improvement Advice: We pop for website development, but we also pop in for marketing. HotBubble provides strategic advice and suggestions, so your website organically grows on results.